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Are images I created years ago in a competition with the top artist in the area, this won two of the 3 awards. Carole Craig was my subject in the first image and Timothy Deratany in the second. The theme of the shoot was Alter Ego.

Timothy Deratany

Timothy Deratany

Carole Craig

Carole Craig

I was doing concept shoot in the Florida swamp and was waiting for the light to get just right. If you watch the movements of the clouds and light are quite beautiful.

Setting Sun over water

Setting Sun over water, St Johns River

I have grown to really love shooting portraits. It’s not always easy for people to relax and feel comfortable in front of the camera, but I have learned to work efficiently using only a minimal amount of equipment in order to focus on my subjects. I typically only work with one light, a Hensel Porty system, with either a beauty dish or a large umbrella. Nothing makes me feel more honored than being asked to take a person’s photograph.


I was visiting my parents in Georgia over the holidays. My youngest nephew need a few pictures for his senior year book. Luck he has an uncle that can help him out…

Online today every one is promoting something, the more finished and professional your message the better change your viewers will engage your content. I have worked with Melbourne Florida comics to help them improve their marketing materials. Here are a some examples from the last shoot I did at Open Mikes in side of Florida Discount Music.

FooBar Shoot

I was hired to shoot with Haley Bohon by the Kimberly the owner Foobar, she wanted a few shot of her god-daughter in the lounge. FoorBar is one the best decorated lounges in the Melbourne Florida. They have some of the best bartenders in the area, well worth checking out.