Monthly Archives: March 2014

Image matters!

Don’t let “selfies” frighten off your potential new business! Let John Sluder Photography help you put your best face forward when marketing yourself out there in the big world!

John will be offering a special quick portrait session at Off Center Art Center. For only $35 you will have access to the files, from your professional shoot, in both web and print formats. You may choose your images for both self promotion and social media usage. Can’t decide on which look is best for you? Bring in few and find out which look works best!

John Sluder Photography will create extraordinary images of you so you can stand out from the crowd!


How can I pay?
-> Cash and Credit/Debt Cards area welcome

What should I wear?
-> Causal to professional wear, solid and neutral colors works best.

How many looks/changes?
-> 2-3 looks/changes of clothes

How do I get my images?
-> I will email you a link to my web site with your images, with both a print and web version.

I will I get both Color and Black & White Images?
-> Yes, I will send both types of images. I like to do the B&W conversion to give the images a “pop”


New York and Washington DC

I have been working in NYC and DC for the past two weeks. It has been cold. Most of the time it has been below freezing, which has been an interesting experience for a native Floridian. Some observations while in the cold tundra of the North: I will never take for granted the warm weather or the ability to walk around in flip flops. Ice should never be walked on, it should only ever be crushed in a glass and served with something refreshing. Wind should only ever be warm and push sail boats, not cut through you like a razor left in the deep freeze.